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Learn French in Tahiti is an extraordinary experience. During a total immersion in French Polynesia, discover the landscapes, the authenticity of its people and a rich culture of stories and colors.


Tahiti and her islands extend over maritime territory of 4.000.000 square kilometers, an area equivalent to that of Europe. The land area, spread over 118 islands covering 4000 km square. Tahiti, the main island of the Society Islands of French Polynesia is located near the center of the South Pacific Ocean: 6.200 km from California, 5.700 km from Australia and 7.500 km from Santiago de Chile. Metropolitan France, which depends administratively French Polynesia, is located 18.000 km from Tahiti.​

The state is represented by a High Commissioner of the Republic and its administration.

Practical Informations

Pack up


Jet lag







Bring summer clothing, beach, sports, cruise, preferably cotton. Add a sweater for the evenings, sometimes cooler (lagoon, cruise, mountains). Shoes: flip flops, sandals, tennis shoes, "boat shoes".

Imperative : swimsuit, sunglasses, hat, protective creams "sunblock" (intense reverberation lagoons) and insect repellent (useful as the islands and the season).

No vaccinations are required except for travelers from high-risk countries (check with your airline).

In Tahiti, medical, dental, hospital and pharmaceutical equivalent to the metropolitan system.

Tahiti and her islands are GMT -10 hours, or :

- 12 hours -11 hours of summer or winter compared to Paris​
- 02 hours compared to U.S. / Pacific Coast​
- 06 hours from Santiago
- 19 hours from Tokyo and Sydney
+ 22 hours from Auckland

1 € = 119,33 CFP (fixed)

Credit cards "MasterCard", "Visa" and "American Express" are generally accepted in most establishments, cash withdrawals are possible in teller automatic withdrawal.

Tahiti features throughout the year, temperatures between 24 ° C and 32 ° C. The archipelagos of the extreme south, Austral and Gambier have cooler temperatures (10 ° C lower during the austral winter, from June to September).

There are two seasons in French Polynesia, the hot season from November to March (23 ° C to 30 ° C) and cooler season from April to October (from 21 ° C to 29 ° C).

You can connect to the Internet in cafes and world class hotels, the maximum being proposed 4 Mbit / s. You can also connect to the Internet via a wireless connection in prepaid mode, accessible from an Internet terminal, or from any portable device equipped with a wifi card reception.

More informations :

The electric current is 220 volts typically 60 MHz.

Aquatic activities : Water skiing, Surfing, Scuba-diving, Tahitian canoe, Excursions

Physical activities : Walking Tours, Canyoning, Introduction to Tahitian dancing, Safari 4x4

Cultural activities : Botanic gardens, Museum of Tahiti and its Islands, James Normal Hall's Residence, Paul Gauguin Museum, Tour of the island in helicopter

More informations : GIE Tahiti Tourisme